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in march, dave ferguson started a new blog carnival centered around topics in workplace learning. blog carnivals are “events” in which bloggers contribute posts on a given subject which are listed on a host blog. The host blog usually rotates from one blog to another on a regular basis.

Check out the first work at learning/learning at work blog carnival event on dave’s blog.

Manish Mohan has taken on the task of hosting the next event on his blog Life, The Universe, and Everything about eLearning and Content Development. Manish is particularly looking for contributions from learning and development professionals who are working from outside North America. He asks that you provide a permalink for your post and a short intro, but he doesn’t give clear direction on where to send it. I received his call for contributions through facebook so you can try there. You can also find him on LinkedIn and of course through his blog.

Dave Ferguson on 4/17/09

Dave, nice to reconnect. And thanks for highlighting the blog carnival… the theme of “work at learning; learning at work” seems to allow for a wide range of ideas without being so broad as to have no cohesion at all.

I’m looking forward to seeing who else is participating.

Dave Lee on 4/19/09

I agree with you, dave. I like the overall theme.

I’m even conjuring up an idea for a topic myself. i’ll drop you an email to discuss it off blog. 😉

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