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After a seven year hiatus, it’s time to start up my eelearning blog again.  Unfortunately, I’m not able to get access to the original blog in accordance with WordPress’s recover policies to edit and continue it.  So I’m starting the NEW eelearning and will refer back to the original blog as needed.

My life path took me on a 6 year sojourn with Pearson in Higher Education.  It was challenging, rewarding, and I worked with a great group of colleagues.  But I took the layoff that swept me out the door along with dozens of colleagues in June as a sign that it was time for me to head back to workplace learning.

In the past 6 years, there is much that has changed.  Social Media has moved from novelty to key tools for business and learning, Informal Learning has gained traction as a part of the designed  learning ecosystem in leading organizations, Communities of Practice are everywhere, and there are so many new Learning Professionals to get to know.

Unfortunately, in my ramp up back into workplace learning I’ve discovered somethings haven’t changed much.

There seems to still be an “us versus them” mentality amongst learning professionals (see my LinkedIn post).  Because so much of workplace learning is embedded in the day-to-day work of employees, the learning needs to be a natural part of the workflow.  Getting out of the L&D silo and becoming a partner in individual and organizational learning and growth in necessary.

I also sense that there is still a lack of focus on what the learner wants to learn and what they perceive the need to learn.  Real learning culture comes from employees understanding that learning new skills and knowledge is important to them and their role in the organization.

What first drew me to Web 2.0 tools for learning was a feeling that learning should and could be tied to the tools that people are using in their normal day-to-day lives.  People turn to their phones for everything.  Employees are consumers of learning and will turn to their phones, social media and the internet when they are confronted with a need.  L&D needs to meet them there, not expect them to enroll in a class.

As I restart eelearning, I’ll sort through what has changed and what still needs to change sharing my thoughts.  I hope my followers will chime in with their reactions – positive or negative – to what I have to say.  I like and intend to practice Harold Jarche’s Seek, Sense, Share framework as I re-enter the L&D world.

Borrowing a meme from the Facebook world, each Thursday I’ll Throwback to a post I made in eelearning and reflect on what was then and what I see now.

Finally, I plan to invite “learners” to join in the conversation.  To get their reaction to how workplace learning works, or doesn’t work, for them.

Ambitious?  Yes.  But then those of you who already know me wouldn’t expect less.

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