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Last night on #lrnchat, I referred to myself as a pit bull learner because I’m very tenacious about getting at the truth of information.  Which is true.

But this morning I also demonstrated I have a lot of labrador retriever in me as well.  My black lab, Diva, was good at focusing until she saw a squirrel.  Then she was off to the races chasing after that squirrel.

This morning, I went to check my email for one thing in particular.  Before I got to that email, I saw an alert about a tweet about the use of xAPI in discussion boards and forums.  Which I clicked on.  Great article (if you’re into the details of xAPI, check it out http://xapiquarterly.com/2016/10/instrumenting-xapi-in-forums-discussion-groups/ – I’ve added it to my curated list of xAPI articles, which I need to figure out how I want to share publicly, but that’s a whole other squirrel!).

At the bottom of the article, I noticed that Jessie Chuang, who I met at xAPI camp in Chicago in September commented on the article.  I clicked on her name and ended up at her website (amazing resource site classroom-aid.com) where the first “recent story” link was to an article entitled “How to leverage xAPI for Business Goals” (another great article that I have curated and will return to.)

Then there was the article entitled “The Learning Story of YOU” (very cool article on personal e-portfolios based on xAPI. – which I’ve curated.)

Somehow I ended up on Watershed’s website reading an article on “Get the Activity Id Right”  (which was insightful. and I’ve curated), but in my focused distraction, I don’t remember how.

There were a couple of other links that weren’t as fruitful. But a text message from a friend broke me out of my xAPI squirrel chase and I realized I had just drained away 2 hours.  And I STILL didn’t know how much I owe a different friend for something he purchased in bulk for a group of us. (My original reason for checking my email.)

  1. I know I’m not the first person to fall prey to this seduction of “one more link” on the internet.
  2. I learned an awful lot of really cool stuff about xAPI which is on my to-do list of things to learn.
  3. What I was initially looking up wasn’t urgent
  4. Fortunately, I have the time to do exploratory learning.

But wow, as we ask learners to become more responsible for finding and creating content of their own, we will need to make sure to teach them how to watch out for…….wait….comment and finish this sentence for me……



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