WOLWEEK - International Working Out Loud Week

#WOLWeek Day 1 – Share a Purpose

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Michelle Ocker’s Day 1 post alerted me to the fact that Working Out Loud Week (#WOLWeek) is 7-13 November 2016. I’m using it as an opportunity to promote Working Out Loud (WOL) and give my own practices a boost by following the 7 days worth of actions to get you started working out loud.

Working Out Loud is one one of the practices being promoted to make social and informal learning more effective.

The seven actions for the week:


Day 1: Share a Purpose – Instructions

Choose some purpose that is important to you to make the focus of your #wolweek efforts. This purpose may be delivering a great outcome in a project for a group of stakeholders or it could be a personal ambition in your life or your career.  The purpose doesn’t have to be something big but it needs to be something that is worthwhile for you and others to pursue.  When you have chosen the purpose, share that you are working on it with some relevant stakeholders.

My goal for this week is:

Layout a plan of action that will guide me in building a non-technical expertise in the new xAPI standard for interoperability of learning data.

Tne xAPI standard in being developed by The Advanced Distributed (ADL) Learning and rolled out by DISC (Data Interoperability Standards Consortium).  xAPI is short for Experience API.  It is also known to many by its original project name Tin Can API  It will “replace” SCORM  over time.

Why I care about this

I was first turned on to xAPI when I attended the xAPI Camp at Lurie’s Children’s Hospital on September 16.   It has the potential, along with Big Data and Learning Analytics, to radically change how we plan for and evaluate learning.  When i was at WebCT in the late ’90’s, my boss, Barb Ross, was on one of the committees that was working on the IMS standard for interoperability of learning content.  She and i had several conversations/working sessions as we made suggestions for that groundbreaking standard.  I truly believe that xAPI is addressing some of the issues Barb and I raised 20 years ago.

But xAPI is a technical specification.  Most of my Learning profession colleagues are not techies.  In addition, xAPI has the ability to create inconceivable amounts of data.  Some of which will be useful – most not.   Understanding the details of the data we need to capture to get the reports we need to guide our efforts to improve performance is all new territory for us.  I’m comfortable with the techie stuff and know the learning side of the equation.  I’m not afraid of data.  So I believe I can provide value as that go between – as Trish Uhl called me, a “babble fish.”

How I’m Sharing my Purpose

Today I’m sharing it on my blog which I will post on Twitter and LinkedIn.  Part of my goal is to develop a plan for sharing information on xAPI.  But until that starts to materialize – keep an eye here.

Please Participate

I will be posting something every day this week for #WOLWeek.  Please comment and ask questions.  Part of Working Out Loud is getting feedback from your personal learning network.

You can also decide to participate in #WOLWeek, like I’m doing.  For more information on #WOLWeek and working out loud in general, here are a few links:

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  1. Hi Dave,

    I’d love to have an xAPI babel fish. It’s something I haven’t yet adequately educated myself on, so keen to see your sharing / posts on this as you proceed.



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