An xAPI Resource Center for L&D Professionals

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Over the past several months I’ve been learning about the xAPI standard for learning experience data interoperability that is gaining traction and is poised to replace SCORM.  This Resource Center is a result of my studies, conversations, and reflections on this exciting advancement for Learning and Development.

My xAPI journey began on September 13 when I saw a Twitter post for something called “xAPI Camp” which was being held that Friday at Lurie Children’s Hospital here in Chicago.  Having no plans, I checked out the link.  The price (free) was right so I sent off a hopefully request for a seat.  What a great happenstance.  The projects that were presented blew my mind.  All because of a standard based on the basic sentence “I did this”?!?!?

Back in the late 1990’s  my boss at Universal Learning Technologies, Barb Ross, was on one of the workgroups developing the IMS (then version 0.4) standard for interoperable content cartridges and she involved me in her review of the early specification.  I sat in that room at Lurie’s thinking, “They’ve finally figured out how to do what Barb and I were wanting way back then.”

Since then, I’ve thrown myself into understanding this new specification.  I’ve attended the xAPI Camp at DevLearn in Las Vegas (where I ended up winning WatershedLRS’s xAPIgo challenge).  I’m completing HT2Lab’s Learning xAPI MOOC (both the technical and non-technical tracks).  I’ve even had the opportunity to have lunch with Aaron Silvers to learn from him directly.  I’ll be participating in Torrence Group’s Spring xAPI Cohort beginning on February 9.

Of course,  I’ve also combed the web and curated what I’ve found.  This Resource Center is the product of that curation.   These pages are living documents.   I’ll be adding and deleting resources.  Please provide your feedback via the thumbs up/thumbs down poll associated with each item.  Let me know what you’d like to know more about via the comments at the bottom of each page or directly to me on Twitter, the Contact page here, or email me directly if you have my email.

I see this Resource Center as the first step in an effort to help the everyday L&D professional understand the power and potential of xAPI to drive true learning analytics that cover a far broader swathe of learning experiences than we’ve dreamed possible in the past.  If implemented correctly, xAPI will enable us to analyze targeted behaviors, to create learning experiences to affect the desired changes, and to measure whether we have met the organizational goals we set.  So click on the image

So click on the image or link at the top of this post and start your journey in xAPI!

twitterI have created a Twitter List of people and organizations that tweet about xAPI.  Please follow it.  If there is someone or an organization that tweets regularly about xAPI, please send me your suggestions (Direct tweet me, use Contact page here at new eelearning, or email me if you have my email.)



Is there something you don’t understand about xAPI?  Questions about something said in one of the above resources? General thoughts on these resources?   Add a comment below.

If you have any ideas on resources you feel should be on this page or in this Resource Center, feel free to use the comment section below or contact me via the Contact page here at new eelearning.

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