xAPI Resource Center Update

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I’ve added 10 new resources to the xAPI Resource Center, including a subsection on Talking to Your Techies on the Statements page.  Your IT contacts will be amongst your most important stakeholders on an implementation of xAPI.  The resources I’ve included are written to be a bridge between non-technical L&D folks and the technical professionals who will have to endorse projects like this in order for them to move forward.  These resources should get them to a point of feeling like they know what xAPI is and to make a decision of whether they are ready to dig into the technical side of the spec for you.

Several new resources regarding cmi5 profile for content update that section including the launch of the SCORM Cloud Testing Utility.  The remainder are various items I think fit the criteria for inclusion in the Resource Center.

I’m working on two other Resource Centers that I hope to launch this spring.  Watch for opportunities to help me with those as i have a couple of “Work out Loud” activities that I’ll be seeking input on.

As always, your thoughts on xAPI or suggestions for resources I should include in the Resource Center are welcome in the comments section below.

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