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I am happy to announce that I am joining Julian Stodd and his merry crew at Sea Salt Learning as an Associate Consultant.

Sea Salt Learning is committed to helping executives and their organisations get fit for the Social Age. In the Social Age We are experiencing:

  • a new nature of work
  • the democratisation of creativity and technology
  • the rise of communities
  • emergent types of power
  • the new nature of knowledge itself, dynamic, adaptive, co-created and on demand

We must adapt our organisations to thrive in this new space: this is a significant challenge. The things that got us this far will not get us the rest of the way.

Julian’s work regarding the nature and ramifications of the Social Age is compelling, thought-provoking, and a blueprint for a future that is more dynamic, agile, and community-based.  The crew he has assembled to sail these uncharted waters with him are a seasoned and hardy lot committed to innovation and transformation.

Besides probably ruining my spelling forever, this new association with Sea Salt Learning will provide me with an opportunity to work on cutting-edge projects , I’ll be working on various projects as needed on an as needed basis.  But more exciting, in my mind, I’ll be advocating the ideas Julian writes and speaks about and seeking new business opportunities for Sea Salt Learning to partner with organizations that wish to understand what success in the Social Age means for them, their leaders, employees, customers, and partners.

For more information, go to Julian Stodd’s Learning Blog where he works out loud developing his ideas.  I’ll also be posting here on new eelearning with my take on Julian’s ideas and related thoughts.

Come Explore with Us!

If ye be curious about setting your course in the Social Age, please contact me via the form below. There be vast treasures beyond the new horizon. Let’s set sail today.


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