Social Leadership Webinars

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In a world that is rapidly changing, being a leader requires resilience, agility, and the ability to manage change.  But in our increasingly connected world, a leader must also practice skills that build their Social Capital – collaboration, storytelling and listening,   They also need to promote, through their actions, behaviors that build fairness, equality, and authenticity in the organization.

To elaborate on these principles Sea Salt Learning is hosting a series of monthly webinars by Julian Stodd.  Registration is FREE.  You can sign up for each webinar by clicking on the links below.

All times listed are GMT (London).  Except for February, all the webinars are at 2pm GMT (9am US Eastern, 6am US Pacific).

Don’t forget to bookmark this page in case you need to return to figure out when the next webinar is!

The Social Leadership Series 2018

Episode #1 -The Need for Social Leadership   JAN 23 @ 2:00pm GMT

Episode #2 – Developing Social Leadership  FEB 15 @ 4:00pm GMT

Episode #3 – Curation  MAR 21 @ 2:00pm GMT

Episode #4 – Storytelling  APR 12 @ 2:00pm GMT

Episode #5 – Sharing  MAY 8 @ 2:00pm GMT

Episode #6 – Community  JUN 12 @ 2:00pm GMT

Episode #7 – Reputation  JUL 3 @ 2:00pm GMT

Episode #8 – Authority  AUG 2 @ 2:00pm GMT

 Episode #9 – Co creation  SEP 11 @ 2:00pm GMT


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