TLDC18 Conversations

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In my next to last session at #TLDC18 yesterday, Matt Pierce asked us to shoot a short video based on some basics he shared with us. We were basically practicing the advice Brian Fanzo had shared with us yesterday morning to just “push the button.”

So here’s what happened when I did:

TLDC18 has not disappointed. This community is passionate about moving our profession forward and work hard at doing so. There is a joy in getting our hands dirty. No fear in trying something new. Failure is a positive.

So looking through my notes here are key things that I learned:

  • The brain is a survival machine.
  • Weird pictures help us learn. The weirder the better.  (like a sphinx humping a leg weird)
  • The inspiration for “Smoke on the Water” – Deep Purple (1971)
  • Humans on video is rolling the dice.
  • Change is the baseline.
  • Chatbots are just like dogs.
  • Unicorns are everywhere.
  • The best way to predict the future is to invent it.

In short, L&D folks say the darndest things!

I’m proud I’m a part of this great bunch of professionals that call themselves TLDC.   Congrats to Brent, Luis, and the rest of the team that pulled this conference together.

I hear the next one may be in O – H –

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