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I’ve signed up for the Fall 2018 xAPI Cohort sponsored by TorranceLearning.  It’ll be my 2nd Cohort as an active participant – assuming I find a team to join.   Fall 2017 I was a “lurker” – meaning I was involved in a team, but because I had registered for the Cohort, I was able to attend any of the weekly sessions and to dip in and out of the project teams’ work that was in Slack.  Yes, this a planned role in the xAPI Cohort!

The Spring 2017 Cohort had 40 +/- active participants (if my recollection is right).  Last report was there are well over 400 signed up for the Fall 2018 Cohort!  But don’t let that intimidate you.  That’s 400 people who you can learn from by joining, forming, or following one or more projects!

And it’s all FREE!  The xAPI Cohort is an exploratory, experience-based learning community at it’s best.  Project teams form after the first weekly session and report out on their progress each week so that everyone learns from all of the projects.

In Spring 2017 I was on a small, but a dogged team that set out to explore different ways to use learning analytics and data visualization to utilize xAPI data provide learning insights.  To be honest, we failed miserably to meet the original goals of the group.  But fortunately, the primary goal of the xAPI Cohort is truly “learn something – together.”

I know I learned more applicable information regarding data collection, privacy, control, and governance; well as how Webhooks and API’s work and, oh yeah, how xAPI statements are well constructed (as well as how they can be poorly structured) than I likely would have in a traditional academic course.  Team Analytics met with and overcame a number of obstacles and, in the end, had a long list of “lessons learned” that we were able to share with the community.  Here is our report to the Cohort.

If you are interested in moving your knowledge and skills regarding xAPI forward, consider joining me starting September 7, 2018 and let’s learn together!

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