15th of 100 Days: Foundation and Curation

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I’m participating in a group of Sea Salt Learning crewmates who are working through Julian Stodd’s Social Leadership: My First 100 Days.  Day 15 we were asked to reflect on the first part of our journey.

Thus far we have covered foundational ideas like power, authenticity, where we gather information, trust, knowledge, and generosity.  What kind of Social Leader do I want to be?  What is the journey I must take to get there?

Julian asks us, “What have you started to do differently since we started our voyage?”

The biggest thing I’ve done differently is gotten to Day 15.  I’ve tried to work through this guided journey 3 times prior to this attempt and I haven’t gotten to Day 15 before.  I’d fall behind or completely forget about my commitment to do this.  This time, I’m sticking to it.  Although I’ve fallen behind a few times, I’ve picked it back up and continued each time.  Much of this has to do with working through it together with colleagues.

One a-ha that I’ve had is that I’ve been very good at gathering and curating relevant content, but when it comes to sharing what I’ve found let alone sharing it I’ve not done as well.  Sure, I have a live feed of my Diigo entries that runs over there in the right-hand column here on new eelearning.  I occasionally will re-post something to LinkedIn, Twitter, and/or my Facebook page.  But I need to do better at synthesizing what I have learned and share it more regularly.

All in all, the first 15 days of this 100-day journey have provided a few good insights, confirmed a few things, and set the stage for the next 85.

Learn more about Social Leadership: My 1st 100 Days at seasaltlearning.com.


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